A childhood surrounded with the paintings of my grandfather,  who was a great painter in Barcelona. The smell of his studio, its room where he used to work, left me a visual, olfactive memory,  indelible for ever.

I studied Spanish Literature  at the University of Geneva, and licenced in Philology. After my studies I have been working at the International Committee of the Red Cross, in  South America, and in Africa. Then I came back to Geneva and worked at the Museum of Ethnography of Geneva.

Then I return to my childhood sweethearts: first with a painting class, at Olivier Juredieu, Geneviève Romang courses. And I studied etching, which becomed a real passion. With classes at Sylvie Markwalder, Constanza Bravo, Jacques Leckie, (etching, aquatint,  soft varnish), but also in a way autodidacte, in my studio with my press and I experiencing engraving with carborundum. With a totally empirical and not orthodox approach of the etching, trying different resines with carborundum and sand on a plexiglas plate and printing different monotypes each time,  each one is an original, but is part of a serie. Because every piece is unique, but it has the same matrix.

Since 2000, I started to exhibit my work of printmaking: at first at Maya Guidi Gallery (Geneva),   then at La Pinacothèque de Genève (solo exhibition), in Le Musée Rath of Geneva,  at the Villa Dutoit (Geneva), at the Ferme de la Chapelle (Geneva), at the Musée de Carouge (Geneva), Galerie Ruine (Geneva), Soral, Geneva (Soral ose l’art), Brot und Käse (Soral, Geneva), but also in Brussels (exhibition of mail art at the Maison du Livre), at the UNO (Club del libro, Geneva). In 2015 and 2016 I had the opportunity to be an artist in residence to GlogauAir, Berlin, where I could exhibit the works I realized there, in their Open studio and at the Gat Hotel Check-Point Charlie. In 2017 I have been exhibiting in the Martin Staub’s Gallery, in Soral,  at the Gallery Alexandre Mottier, in Geneva. And also at the 3rd Global Print international in Douro, Portugal, and at the BBK Bethanien Druckwerkstatt, in Berlin.

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